trauma c60

anamorph experimental music

viviano wich

release date: 23.07.2021

limited edition to 100 copies of professional duplicated playback, transparent chrome-tape cassettes with red reels and print. 50 in standard edition of classic black snap boxes with handmade j-cards and fulu records logo + 50 in special edition with handmade black slipcases and drawings by ldq ysimaro with a statements of both artists, written in typewriter.

12 & 15 €

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played with modular synthesizer, lo-fi keyboard, reel to reel tape-recorder, sampler, kalimba, percussion

lyrics & voice by anamorph experimental music / gregory orr, “trauma (storm)” – the caged owl: new and selected poems (copper canyon press 2002) in side a (26:30)

samples & voice live processing by viviano wich

samples taken by private dreams and public nightmares – daphne oram, bbc radiophonic workshop (1957) / delia derbyshire, bbc radio interventions, “the dreams” (1964) / faces of depression (1959), psychiatric interviews

edit, mix, equalizing & mastering by anamorph experimental music & viviano wich

the collaboration album ‘trauma’ -, based on intuitive, live electro-acoustic composition, processing of instruments, voice and samples -, is a deep and personal journey into the shadow world of the traumatic experience and child abuse; it describes psychosis and how its mental and emotional state can resonate within the music, which can be very cathartic and healing.

ldq ysimaro played for anamorph experimental music with a lo-fi yamaha synth and manipulated samples with a micro granny which were processed and enriched by viviano wich’s modular synthesizer, by making use of sound design and analog synthesis techniques.

field recordings took place in caves around the coast of cilento national park in italy; voice was recorded and processed in vienna.

the final composition emerged from excerpts of the recorded material.

photographs from the cave of bones (grotta delle ossa) and the blue cave (grotta azzurra), palinuro 2020.